Develop Native Android Applications the Easy Way

Develop Native Android Applications the Easy Way

A few weeks ago we announced a new feature in Yotako with the support of mobile languages for native iOS applications: Swift & Objective-C.

Today we are thrilled to be back with good news: it’s now also possible to develop Android native applications using Yotako!

For those of you who don’t know what Yotako is all about: it’s a tool to turn your design into code. Yotako aims at providing quality source code to all web and mobile developers, whatever the design tool they use or the stack they choose to develop their apps.

Get your Android project in a few clicks

1) Import your design

As in any app development workflow, everything starts with the design phase. Once you have the design of your application ready, just import it into Yotako. In the example below we did a replicate of the the Play Store application using Adobe Photoshop (for illustration purposes). For more information about the designs Yotako currently supports you can have a look at our feature page.


2) Select the programming language of your choice

Yotako now provides full support for native mobile languages. You can choose Swift (Swift 4.0 compatible), Objective-C or Android (from API 26).


Select the native language of your choice

3) Choose the repository you want to use

It could be either in Yotako’s public repository on Github or on the Github or Bitbucket account of our choice.

4) Get your code

You can finally get your full project ready to use in your repository and open it directly in Android Studio. Here is the result we get in our example from the PSD file of the Play Store application we imported into Yotako:



On the left our PSD file, on the right the result in Android Studio

You can have a look at the code we get on Github for our app.

Want more?

To reward you for reading this through here is the link you can use to have a direct access to our private beta.

Our team is working hard to bring new features and stacks available in Yotako. If you want to receive updates on what is added to Yotako you can subscribe to our newsletter or join our community on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy coding!

The Yotako Team