WordCamp Europe 2024

Highlights and videos from the WordCamp Europe 2024 event by WordPress

WordCamp Europe 2024

This year WordCamp Europe had place in Torino! We love WordPress at Yotako, and you probably used already our Figma to WordPress AI to get your designs to WordPress in a click, so you certainly want to know the latest news from WordPress.

Find below the 4 videos of the 2 Days x 2 Tracks as well as the speech by Matt.

The full schedule is available here:

Schedule – WordCamp Europe 2024
Programme WordCamp Connect A dedicated space for attendees to meetup, connect and chat - with guest speakers and sessions from members of the community. Read More Workshops You’ll need to register in advance for any workshops, and some have prerequisites such as downloading software. Read More Day 2 Day 1 Contributor Day Thursday, 13 June…

And the official blog post by WordPress can be read here: https://wordpress.org/news/2024/06/highlights-from-wordcamp-europe-2024/.

Livestreams day 1

Track 1

Track 2

Livestreams day 2

Day 2, Track 1

Day 2, Track 2

Matt Mullenweg speech

Matt Mullenweg intervention can be watched in the video below. He shared 11 things to ensure WordPress sustainability for the next years:

  1. Simple things should be easy and intuitive, and complex things possible.
  2. Blogs and dynamic sites are better.
  3. Documentation should be wiki-easy to edit.
  4. Forums should be front and center.
  5. Plugins and themes with community infrastructure.
  6. Great theme previews and diverse aesthetics.
  7. We can’t over-index for guidelines and requirements.
  8. Feedback loops are so important.
  9. Core should be opinionated and quirky.
  10. If you make WordPress, use WordPress.
  11. Stay close to our end-users

The WordCamp 2025 will take place in Basel, Switzerland!

WordCamp Europe 2025
Basel, Switzerland 5 - 7 June 2025

See you there!

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