Figma to WordPress

Figma to WordPress

This is mind-blowing!

Figma to WordPress Beta - Convert Figma to WordPress websites & themes automatically | Product Hunt
With Figma to WordPress create beautiful WordPress websites from Figma, in your custom domain and hosted by the best in class, Google & Amazon. Download your designs as WordPress Themes! No code required, no design constrains, free forever & upgrade as you go!

Craft your beautiful online presence with the flexibility of Figma and powered by WordPress. With the new Figma plugin "Figma to WordPress" by Yotako you can create your WordPress websites and Themes in a few clicks!


Convert your beautifully crafted websites in Figma into online WordPress websites and just in a few clicks!

Yotako manages everything for you. No code required Free forever, upgrade as you go.

  • Your website ready for your visitors in your custom domains.
  • Best world-class hosting by Google and Amazon
  • SSL for high security
  • CDN for fastest delivery worldwide
  • Backups according to your plans, don't spend money in WordPress plugins
  • Update your website with new designs when you need it (e.g. end of the Year campaign? New design touches for Halloween?) and manage your websites versions within Yotako dashboard
  • Full support through live chat to get you covered Email associated to your domains for best professional presence and much more!


...and update your websites on the go!

If you already have a hosting, a WordPress website, or simply you want to go through all the process of buying the domains, the hosting, setting up all the configurations and security, daily management, etc. and you only need your WordPress theme, you can also convert your Figma designs into Themes in a few clicks!

  • Intelligent layout for better responsiveness, no matter how you design Support for multiple resolutions per page Support for native WordPress elements
  • No need for naming conventions, design as you like
  • No absolute positioning unless absolutely necessary (as a human developer would do)
  • SEO ready
  • Our technology improves with every design

Need help? Write us at or jump straight into our Live Chat at💡We will help you with any issue to get your beautiful online presence ready! Write us to for an early BETA access while the publication of the plugin in Figma community is ongoing!