Adobe MAX 2023: What's new

Adobe MAX 2023: What's new

Adobe released incredible new AI features at MAX 2023. Adobe Firefly was empowered with new diffusion models and other generative AI systems from Adobe. AI has been the central role and many AI features were introduced for different tools.

New Adobe Firefly Models presented at Adobe MAX 2023

You can look at the whole keynote here, but we'll summarize it for you:

Shantanu Narayen (Adobe CEO) opened with his traditional speech, stressing that Adobe is also important to Adobe, especially in the field of AI, followed by David Wadhwani explaining what Adobe Firefly is and the key elements behind it:

  • Good integration into Adobe Tools
  • Safe for commercial use
  • Transparent training data (i.e. clarified rights)
  • Support for content credentials (corresponding marking of generated content)

It tells the story of the Firefly Image Model and reveals the first two major innovations, new Firefly models for:

  • Text to Vector
  • Text to Design (automatic layout creation)

The major individual Creative Cloud apps announcements are listed below.

Adobe Express

The new Firefly Design Model allows you to generate Adobe Express designs with a prompt. Here is the section from the Keynote:

Some interesting features are:

  • If you create templates, you can block individual elements and release them as "not editable" to leave the templates CD compliant
  • It is also possible to remove backgrounds in videos
  • Express designs can also be translated automatically

Photoshop updates

The following functions are presented:

  • Generative filling (already known function, now also from the beta phase) > shown the adding and removal of elements and also the blending of images
  • Editable cycles (Γƒ3qf3QmpFWYEk)
  • New functions for the adjustment presets (setting levels)

Here is a helpful video:

Adobe Illustrator updates (new Firefly Vector Model)

The new Firefly Vector Model was the star, along with these new capabilities:

  • Retype (scriting types detect from images and vector graphics)
  • Agnative recoloring of vector graphics
  • The Firefly Vector Model (from text prompt to editable vector graphics)
  • This model is also integrated with the Style Picker, so can imitate existing styles
  • Two already published features from this year will also be mentioned: Mockups and the context bar
  • And: Illustrator for the Web is now available in Beta:

Here is a helpful video:

Premiere Pro

The new features include:

  • Text-based editing
  • including the incredibly easy removal of filler words ("Γƒ..." and "Ehm")
  • AI functions to improve audio

More Firefly models to come

The keynote will be concluded with the announcement of even more Firefly models:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • 3D

Lightroom and InDesign updates

Other tools were updated as well with exciting features. Please visit the Adobe Blog to check out all the novelties!